The Christmas Spirit inspired Oklahoma’s Bob Waldrop to watch HomeTowne TV. (Photo courtesy of Bob Waldrop.)

When HomeTowne TV launched its internet streaming service in early December of 2011, we had no idea how quickly viewers across the country would embrace our programs. Proof of our newly expanded range presented itself on the last day of 2011 when we received a donation from a viewer in – you guessed it – Oklahoma! (photo courtesy of Bob Waldrop)

Bob Waldrop of Oklahoma City sent his donation electronically, using the DONATE button on our website. Along with his donation, Mr Waldrop sent this message:

This is a note and a donation to say "thanks" for showing the Pipes of Christmas so that us'ns in the wilds of Oklahoma could see the glories of this program. Y'all have a happy New Year, you hear!

When we contacted Mr Waldrop via email and asked how he connected with HomeTowne TV, he replied:

Thanks for your kind note. I know it’s kind of weird of someone in Oklahoma City to wander by but that’s one of the fun things about the internet.

This Christmas, I decided to post a link to an online Christmas carol for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. While poking around at youtube.com, I came across some videos of the Pipes of Christmas, a few of them look like they were video ads for the program. So I looked them up on the internet and found an email and got a very quick response which told me about the highlight program to be broadcast. So that was how I came to hear about your channel and its rebroadcast of the Pipes of Christmas program. We don’t have anything quite like your channel here in Oklahoma City, and I definitely wish we had one.

I know I didn’t give a huge amount, but having been involved with fundraising myself, every little bit counts. And I’ll look forward to another broadcast later this year of the Pipes of Christmas 2012, and send another little bit your way in thanks!

And thank you, Mr Waldrop, for your generosity and for letting us know how you feel about HomeTowne TV and The Pipes of Christmas.

What’s next for HomeTowne TV? How about being watched WORLDWIDE?!! Since anyone on earth with internet access can now view our programs 24/7, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear from viewers just about anywhere!